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Immerse yourself in the captivating stories of the Mediterranean. Octaevo meticulously creates exquisite design items that enhance contemporary lifestyles, inspired by the vivid colours, ancient philosophy, and mystical myths of this fascinating region.

Octaevo believe in true originality, in style as a reflection of personality and that details make the difference. Each piece is made to be held close, designed to inspire and to brighten up your day to day.

Crafted from durable and waterproof paper, the Octaevo handcrafted paper vases pay tribute to ancient ceramics - a unique design gift to lighten up your dining table, windowsill or side table. Let your imagination bloom.

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  1. Basket Sicilia Large
  2. Basket Sicilia Small
  3. Gaia Mini Paper Vase
  4. Emporio Mini Paper Vase
  5. Giza Mini Paper Vase
  6. Paper Vase Emporio
  7. Paper Vase Giza
  8. Flora Candle Holder Large
  9. Flora Candle Holder Small
  10. Paper Sculpture
  11. Mini Paper Vase Riveria Wave
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  12. Paper Vase Riveria Wave
  13. Paper Vase Riveria Arch