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Get them while you can. Everything from your favourite music print to gleaming home accessories like the Lemelia Light – find out for yourself what all the hype is about.

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  1. Hiroshi Sugimoto: Time Machine Catalogue
  2. Lemelia Light Mini
  3. Sugimoto Mantlepiece Postcard
  4. Toastie Vivacious Avocado
  5. 8 Xylophone Crackers
  6. Serpent Reversible Necklace
  7. London Christmas Tea Towel
  8. Story Orchestra: I Can Play
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  10. A set of 6 geometric coasters arranged in a pyramid
  11. David Shrigley 2024 Calendar Front Cover showing a colourful pattern design
  12. Smart Book Light Walnut Mini
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  14. A framed print of an illustration of Westminster and the River Thames in gold.
  15. A plush toy in the shape of a mushroom with a smiley face