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  1. Heart Assorted Earrings Set
  2. Athena Earrings
  3. Star Assorted Earrings Set
  4. Memento Earrings
  5. Soraya Squiggle Shape Hoop Earrings
  6. Hortense Organic Shape Earrings
  7. Rose Organic Shape Petal Earrings
  8. Atalanta Spring Texture Hoop Earrings
  9. Natalia Organic Shape Small Hoop Earrings
  10. Avocado Mick Earrings
  11. Malbec Mix Andy Earrings
  12. Gum David Prince Large Earrings
  13. Royal Cindy Stud Earrings
  14. Tangerine Madonna Stud Earrings
  15. Lilac Prince Stud Earrings
  16. Yolk David Stud Earrings
  17. Royal Prince Large Earrings
  18. Leaf Earrings
  19. Lightning Disc Earrings
  20. Elizabeth Large Earrings