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Home Accessories

  1. Canopy Vase 18cm
  2. Acorn Vase
  3. A clear vase with a grown plant from an avocado seed
  4. Basil growing out of a glass vase
  5. Bari Brown Dots Small Vase
  6. Bari Sand White Small Vase
  7. Bari Stone Stripe Small Vase
  8. Bari Freckles Medium Vase
  9. Elf Glass
  10. A glass long mushroom-shaped figurine with painted eyes
  11. Mini Bing Vase
  12. A cone-shaped ceramic figurine with hand-painted eyes
  13. Kobe Stone Stripe Medium Vase
  14. Bari Sand Large Vase
  15. Bari Grey Large Vase
  16. Flowerseed Bottle Vase
  17. Mini Yuki Vase