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Give them a reason to relax with soothing bath salts and candles by Aery, or help them to heal, learn and grow with the School of Life games and card sets.
  1. Untranslatable Words Cards
  2. 100 Questions Game
  3. Calm Prompt Cards
  4. Confidence Cards
  5. What Do I Really Want To Achieve?
  6. Everyday Adventures
  7. Emotional Barometer
  8. Inspiration Card Set
  9. Emotional First Aid Kit
  10. Meeting Friends
  11. 0
  12. The Family Game
  13. Candlestick Set of Four
  14. Stop The Water Orange Body Wash
  15. Stop The Water Waterless Shampoo
  16. Stop The Water Honey Hand Soap
  17. Stop The Water Waterless Conditioner
  18. Stop The Water Waterless Shampoo & Shower Bar
  19. Stop The Water Waterless Tooth Tabs