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  1. colourful water glass with bubble detail.
  2. reversible glass vase in cobalt and peach on a table setting with mugs, bowls and spoons.
  3. reversible glass blue and red vase with flower stems.
  4. glass beaker holding assorted colour glass spoons.
  5. water carafe with glass.
  6. Candlestick Holder
  7. Duo Tone Tealight Holder
  8. Harper Boyfriend Chain Necklace
  9. Disco Love Blueprint
  10. Dela Textured Bracelet
  11. Hooray Fireworks Greeting Card
  12. Moon Face Drop Necklace
  13. Love Pop Greeting Card
  14. Moon Face Drop Earrings
  15. Candlestick Set of Four
  16. Dela Textured Ring
  17. Wool and Cashmere Hat
  18. Dela Textured Hoops
  19. Wool and Cashmere Scarf