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Studio Roof

Through the filter of imagination, a world unfolds in Studio Roof cardboard products – masks, birds, insects, earth creatures and many more. These tell stories about the beauty that lies in nature, fantasy, art and people.

Since nature plays such an important role in Studio Roof's story and daily lives, the products are made from recycled cardboard and coloured with plant-based vegetable inks. This is Studio Roof's way of contributing to the environment.

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  1. Studio Roof Hanging Charm
  2. Totem Giant Diplodocus
  3. Totem Giant T-Rex
  4. Totem Giant Unicorn
  5. Totem Mint Forest Butterfly
  6. Totem Cattleheart Butterfly
  7. Dinosaurland Mobile
  8. Butterfly Dance Mobile
  9. Crayon Rocks
  10. Totem Triceratops
  11. Totem Diplodocus
  12. Totem Sapphire Dragonfly
  13. Totem Pegasus
  14. Totem Set of 3 Swallowtail Butterflies
  15. Totem Monarch Butterfly
  16. Totem Delias Butterfly
  17. Totem T-Rex