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  1. Colourful cover with portrait of Boy George in blue hat.
  2. Ornette Coleman: The Territory and the Adventure
  3. The Classical Music Lover's Companion Paperback
  4. The Sound of Being Human Paperback
  5. Leonard Bernstein - Faber
  6. Amy Winehouse – In Her Words
  7. Honeybees and Distant Thunder
  8. Faith, Hope and Carnage: Nick Cave Paperback
  9. Desert Island Discs Paperback
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  10. Good Pop Bad Pop Paperback
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  11. Sound Within Sound: Radical Twentieth Century Composers
  12. The Rite of Spring Gillian Moore Paperback
  13. Nina Simone's Gum Paperback
  14. Symphonies for the Soul
  15. Classical Music - An Illustrated History
  16. Listen to This If You Love Great Music
  17. The People’s Songs: The Story of Modern Britain book cover.
  18. As Serious As Your Life: Black Music
  19. A History of Music for Children
  20. The Bear, the Piano and Little Bear's Concert
  21. Letters of note: music book front cover, featuring an illustration of a person playing the trumpet
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  23. How Music Can Make You Better
  24. Turn the Beat Around: The Secret History of Disco