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Funny Greeting Cards

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  1. Dad, Despite What Mum Says Greeting Card
  2. Happy Father's Day From The Cat Father's Day Card
  3. Your Gift Is In The Litter Tray Father's Day Card
  4. Let's Drink Wine Greeting Card
  5. Silly Sausage Birthday Card
  6. Espresso Martini Greeting Card
  7. Happy Bir9669.. laptop Greeting Card
  8. They Know You Friendship Card
  9. Living Proof Birthday Card
  10. Your Cake Fell Off Birthday Card
  11. Don't Mind Me Birthday Card
  12. Relax It's Your Birthday Greeting Card
  13. I Am Your Gift Birthday Card
  14. Absolutely Fabulous Congratulations Card
  15. I Can Boogie Greeting Card
  16. I Guess I'll Have To Be Nice Greeting Card
  17. Your Dog Is Much Better Greeting Card
  18. Good Friend Bad Influence Card
  19. Seperated Friends Greeting Card
  20. Too Much Champagne Greeting Card
  21. All Shook Up Birthday Card
  22. Still Standing Birthday Card
  23. Folded Piece of Card Birthday Card
  24. Another Year Closer to Crazy Cat Lady Card