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Net & Ball

Inspired by the pattern known as 'Net & Ball' this exclusive range of homeware celebrates a famous mid-century pattern by updating it in a fresh and contemporary palette.
The 'Net & Ball' design was originally created by Peter Moro and Leslie Martin for the carpet in Royal Festival Hall when it opened at the Festival of Britain in 1951.

It is based on a square wave seen with an oscilloscope - the visual representation of sound. Peter Moro related how when he had drawn the 'net', Leslie Martin, the chief architect, added the 'ball', inspired by an apple he had on his desk.

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  1. Blanket Net & Ball
  2. Net & Ball Hot Water Bottle
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  7. Two mugs featuring the net & ball pattern
  8. Net & Ball Tea Towel Set
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  10. A person holding a kind bag with net & ball pattern in blue