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Rummage through our collection of big titles and newly released books, inspired by the Literature programme at the Southbank Centre.
  1. WHAT: John Cooper Clarke
  2. Front cover of Vitamin Txt, predominantly grey with a word cloud.
  3. Thinking is Making
  4. Cover of Marc Quinn book, blue with large eye pupil and blue iris.
  5. Cover of London Estates.
  6. Iridescent cover of Story of Contemporary Art.
  7. Cover of Le Corbusier (World of Art) with flat block detail.
  8. Lee Krasner: Living Colour Paperback.  Predominantly orange close up of painting.
  9. Cover of Anselm Kiefer & Photography.
  10. Fashion Faux Parr
  11. Nairy Baghramian: Modèle Vivant
  12. Jenny Saville book front cover.
  13. Harry Gruyaert: Morocco
  14. Antony Gormley on Sculpture
  15. Joel Meyerowitz: A Question of Color
  16. Casa Susanna: The Story of the First Trans Network in the United States
  17. Move! by David A Carter
  18. Ruth Asawa: All Is Possible