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  1. Cover with KAWS cartoon character apparently drowning.
  2. I can't believe I still have to protest this shit
  3. Hiroshi Sugimoto: Time Machine Catalogue
  4. Marina Abramovic: A Visual Biography *RRP £80 - Southbank Offer £70
  5. Art Is Art: Collaborating with Neurodiverse Artists
  6. Philanthropy in the Arts
  7. The Central Saint Martins Guide to Art & Design
  8. Art Monsters: Unruly Bodies in Feminist Art
  9. Ron Mueck
  10. Japanese Design Since 1945
  11. The Sublime
  12. Mark Rothko: Paintings on Paper
  13. The Artist′s Reality book front cover
  14. Rothko / Sugimoto: Dark Paintings and Seascapes
  15. Sugimoto: Glass Tea House 'Mondrian'
  16. A Year in the Art World: An Insider's View
  17. Ukraine Rising: Contemporary Creative Culture from Ukraine
  18. Queer Exhibition Histories Valiz
  19. I Paint What I Want to See: Philip Guston
  20. Resource Hungry: Our Cultured Landscape
  21. Ethics Documents of Contemporary Art)