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  1. Art Makes People Powerful
  2. Colourful red, turquoise and purple cover for How to Collect Art.
  3. The Central Saint Martins Guide to Art & Design
  4. Art Is Art: Collaborating with Neurodiverse Artists
  5. Iridescent cover of Story of Contemporary Art.
  6. Lee Krasner: Living Colour Paperback.  Predominantly orange close up of painting.
  7. Nairy Baghramian: Modèle Vivant
  8. Jenny Saville book front cover.
  9. Antony Gormley on Sculpture
  10. Ruth Asawa: All Is Possible
  11. Caro: Works from the 1960s
  12. Cover of Steve Tobin book showing bendy wooden sculpture.
  13. Cover of Jean-Michel Othoniel, featuring a sculpture of glass beads.
  14. Front cover of Rogan Gregory Event Horizon with close up of sculpture.
  15. Hiroshi Sugimoto: Time Machine Catalogue (Hatje Cantz)
  16. Cover, predominantly red, of Shaping the World book.
  17. Women Artists in Midcentury America