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The Hayward Gallery is a world-renowned contemporary art gallery and a landmark of brutalist architecture.

Explore our Hayward Gallery Shop with curated jewellery, ceramics, homeware and exclusives inspired by adventurous and influential artists from across the world. 

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  1. When Forms Come Alive Exhibition Catalogue
  2. Hiroshi Sugimoto: Time Machine Catalogue (Hatje Cantz)
  3. When Forms Come Alive Exhibition Poster
  4. When Forms Come Alive Tote Bag
  5. When Forms Come Alive Postcard Pack
  6. Mike Nelson: Extinction Beckons **SIGNED COPY**
  7. Dear Earth catalogue front cover with a light pink background
  8. Dear Earth Jute Bag
  9. Dear Earth exhibition poster
  10. Mike Nelson Exhibition Tote Bag
  11. Mike Nelson: Extinction Beckons
  12. Strange Clay Postcard Set
  13. Strange Clay Exhibition Poster
  14. Strange Clay Exhibition Catalogue