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  1. Silver Snake Necklace
  2. Arden Evil Eye Pendant Necklace
  3. Infinity Necklace
  4. Moon Face Drop Necklace
  5. Leah Slinky Chain Necklace
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  6. Avocado Mick Pendant
  7. Andy Mix Pendant
  8. Lilac Lou Pendant
  9. Mix Cut Out Necklace
  10. gold mixed tape charm necklace.
  11. gold necklace with vinyl charm.
  12. Treble Clef Necklace
  13. gold semi quaver charm necklace.
  14. Elizabeth Cluster Pendant
  15. Lightning Disk Pendant Necklace
  16. Elizabeth Strand Necklace
  17. Seaweed Cascade Pendant
  18. Seaweed Wave Pendant
  19. Seaweed Bubble Pendant
  20. Kara Necklace