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Photography books

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  1. Aladdin Sane 50 Years by Chris Duffy
  2. Michael Wolf Architecture Of Density - Hong Kong (new ed)
  3. Experimental Photography: A Handbook of Techniques
  4. Vivian - Fitzcarraldo Editions
  5. Women Photographers: From Anna Atkins to Newsha Tavakolian
  6. Inventing Photography, William Henry Fox Talbot
  7. Breathing Space: Iranian Women Photographers
  8. Lee Miller: Photographs
  9. Find Your Frame: A Street Photography Masterclass
  10. Issei Suda, Family Album
  11. Holy Night by Issei Suda
  12. New York Street Diaries, Phil Penman - teNeues
  13. Daido Moriyama: How I Take Photographs
  14. Liam Wong: TO:KY:OO
  15. Photography Bound: Reimagining Photobooks and Self-publishing
  16. Chris Killip: 1946-2020
  17. Issei Suda - My Japan
  18. A World in Common: Contemporary African Photography