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Kids Art Books

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  1. Story Orchestra: I Can Play
  2. The Story Orchestra: The Magic Flute
  3. Poems to Perform
  4. Listen to the Music: A world of magical melodies
  5. Story Orchestra: In the Hall of the Mountain King
  6. Classical Music - An Illustrated History
  7. Nina's Book of Little Things: by Keith Haring front cover.
  8. Move! by David A Carter
  9. Illustrated cover with a tiny Ruth Asawa standing on a colourful flower, surrounded by some of her suspended sculptures.
  10. Paint Brushes for Frida book front cover with an image of Frida Kahlo surrounded by flowers and monkeys.
  11. Poetry Prompts: All sorts of ways to start a poem from Joseph Coelho
  12. A History of Words for Children
  13. Mozart - Little People, Big Dreams
  14. 13 Sculptures Children Should Know
  15. Yoko Ono - Little People