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Shop the joyful OMY range and get inspired by their fun graphics on posters, nail stickers, colouring materials and painting-by-numbers. With an ecological conscience the materials (inks, paper and cotton) are chosen with quality and respect for the environment in mind.

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  1. OMY Nail Stickers
  2. Painting Kit
  3. Colouring Poster London
  4. Cat Notebook with Stickers
  5. OMY Washable Felt Tips
  6. OMY Jumbo Wax Crayons
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  8. Colouring Poster Atlas
  9. Cupcake Notebook with Stickers
  10. Pencil Notebook with Stickers
  11. Poster & Stickers Kawaii
  12. Magic Erasable Felt Pen
  13. 0
  14. OMY Water Colour Kit
  15. Colouring Poster Cosmos
  16. Magic Doh
  17. Paint by Number Box
  18. OMY Jumbo Markers