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Paint by Number Box

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Irresistible illustrations inspired from the Japanese Kawaii and Dino Universe, a small world overflowing with fantasy.

Everything is included in the kit: 1 paint brush, 6 acrylic paint containers, includes 2 neon colors, 6 decorative pendants and 1 string.

Follow the numbers on illustration to paint with the right colours.

Once your artwork is completed, hang your small decorative pendant or gift it.

  • 6 hanging designs + 1 brush + 6 small pots of acrylic paint + 1 cord to hang
  • 100% paper + watercolour
  • Choose a number on a decoration and take the corresponding colour, Paint (without using water) the areas corresponding to the correct number. Rinse the brush with water to change the colour, Let dry 10min before handling.