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Put the home back into homely and enjoy our extensive range of sensational homeware. Choose from magical Gingko lights, handcrafted Studio Arhoj ceramics or the colourfully elegant Musango range of espresso cups, mugs and plates.

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  1. Duo Tone Tealight Holder
  2. Candlestick Holder
  3. glass beaker holding assorted colour glass spoons.
  4. colourful water glass with bubble detail.
  5. water carafe with glass.
  6. reversible glass blue and red vase with flower stems.
  7. reversible glass vase in cobalt and peach on a table setting with mugs, bowls and spoons.
  8. Candlestick Set of Four
  9. Treble Clef Mug
  10. Keyboard Mug
  11. Chilly's Series 2 Coffee Cup Maple
  12. Chilly's Series 2 Bottle Maple
  13. Chilly's Series 2 Bottle Pine
  14. Large Hightide Hourglass (Wide)
  15. Christmas Glass Spoon Set
  16. Concrete Candle
  17. Neon Vinyl Large Lightbox
  18. Neon Cassette Lightbox
  19. Neon Love Wins Lightbox