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Browse our fun collection of quirky, colourful and unusual Amuseables from Jellycat, a collection of super soft plushies and accessories.

  1. Amuseable Present
  2. Festive Folly Clementine
  3. Amuseable Gold Mistletoe
  4. Amuseable Pretzel
  5. Vivacious Vegetable Pumpkin
  6. Amuseable Bubble Tea
  7. Amuseable Cream Orchid
  8. Fabulous Fruit Lemon
  9. Fabulous Fruit Blueberry
  10. Fabulous Fruit Orange
  11. Fabulous Fruit Banana
  12. Fabulous Fruit Cherry
  13. Amuseable Strawberry
  14. Vivacious Vegetable Radish
  15. Toastie Vivacious Avocado
  16. Toastie Vivacious Aubergine
  17. Amuseable Hot Chocolate
  18. Amuseable Christmas Pudding
  19. Amuseable Christmas Bauble
  20. Amuseable Blue Spruce Christmas Tree
  21. Amuseable Sun
  22. Amuseable Moon
  23. Amuseable Potted Bamboo
  24. Amuseable Birthday Cake