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Gold & Ashes: Photo stories of Grenfell

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A moving series of portraits honouring the lives of Grenfell's victims' Vogue In the early hours of 14 June 2017, a fire broke out in Grenfell tower a block of flats in one of the wealthiest boroughs in West London. This tragedy caused the deaths of 72 innocent lives - the greatest loss of life on British soil since World War II - and the displacement of hundreds of residents from their homes. The lives of those who once called Grenfell home and those of the close-knit community who lost loved ones were forever changed. Gold & Ashes is a collection of photo stories of the local community of survivors and bereaved from Grenfell. Shot over 2 years, this affecting and poignant book - released on the 5th anniversary of the tragedy - highlights the true stories, the humanity and courage of the Grenfell community. 

Hardback, 226 pages.