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Totem Monarch Butterfly

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The Studio Roof Yellow Monarch Butterfly is a small flat-packed decorative model made from recycled cardboard. The recycled cardboard is treated with vegetable dyes to give it a bright multicoloured and eco-friendly finish. This Yellow Monarch Butterfly has a mix of pink, blue, white and brown, which really make the model pop and brings the creature to life!

Studio Roof use sustainable precision manufacturing methods to make a flat-packed design that neatly slots together to create a 3D decoration. This set includes 13 different pieces on four B7 sheets. Building these is great fun for children and parents alike, working on hand-eye coordination and allowing you to get creative.

This beautiful, impressive decoration will make a statement in any room of the house! Team this up with other Studio Roof sets at Babipur for a stunning, colourful collection.

Full assembly instructions can be found inside the packaging.

  • Includes 13 slotting cardboard pieces
  • Coloured with vegetable dyes
  • Fun for people of all ages
  • Colourful and modern design
  • Can be hung on walls
  • Eco-friendly and plastic free