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  1. Mouse with Fizz Decoration
  2. Skipping Christmas Pudding Decoration
  3. Christmas Cake and Yule Log
  4. Mini Guinea Pig Decoration
  5. 0
  6. Mini Pudding Decoration
  7. Baby Penguin Decoration
  8. Wool Reindeer Christmas Decoration
  9. Brown Santa Mouse Decoration
  10. Dalmatian with Pudding Decoration
  11. Avocado with Pudding Decoration
  12. Skipping Christmas Sprout Decoration
  13. Black and Ginger Cat with Scarf Decoration
  14. Wool Mouse Decoration with Bottle
  15. Christmas Carrot Decoration
  16. Gingerbread Man Decoration
  17. Gingerbread with Stripe Scarf
  18. A round red glass bauble with a gold music notes manuscript design and a gold thread.
  19. Camera Glass Decoration
  20. Artists Palette Glass Decoraiton
  21. Wooden Drum Decoration
  22. Stack of Books Glass Decoration
  23. Round glass bauble featuring Westminster Palace in glitter gold
  24. London Bus Glass Decoration