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Finding the gift that puts an enormous smile on their face, the decoration that sets the scene for a Christmas done your way – this search can take time. 

Fortunately, our Christmas shop collection is available now, meaning you can find early inspiration in the form of festive baubles, gonks and tabletop decor.

At the same time support the arts with every penny spent keeping the Southbank Centre thriving. 

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  1. Make Your Own Gingerbread Reindeer
  2. Make Your Own Gingerbread House
  3. Typographic Pattern Christmas Card Set
  4. On the Nice List Sweet Bottle
  5. The Christmas Book - Phaidon
  6. Christmas Wishes Sweet Bottle
  7. Amuseable Present
  8. Christmas in a Jar
  9. Honeycombe Paper Decoration
  10. Hot Chocolate Bombe Christmas Cracker
  11. Christmas Pudding Bombe
  12. Hip N' Mix Vegan Chocolate Bag
  13. Oops Cat Christmas Card
    Sold Out
  14. Christmas Spirits Christmas Card
  15. Santa's Little Helpers Christmas Card
  16. Rapping Paper Christmas Card
  17. London Christmas Tea Towel
  18. London Christmas Jug
  19. London Christmas Stocking
  20. London Christmas Mug