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Christmas Food & Drink

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  1. H!P Oat Milk Chocolate Advent Calendar
  2. Milk Chocolate Tree
  3. Love Cocoa Luxury Truffle Advent Calendar
  4. Chocolate Bauble with Orange Gems
  5. Hot Chocolate Bombe Christmas Cracker
  6. Christmas Pudding Bombe
  7. Dark Chocolate Penguin
  8. Make Your Own Gingerbread Reindeer
  9. Hip N' Mix Vegan Chocolate Bag
  10. Make Your Own Gingerbread House
  11. Happy Christmas Gingerbread Biscuit Tin
  12. Chocolate Popcorn Shed
  13. Christmas Jolly Ginger Biscuit
  14. Make Your Own Chocolate Bauble
  15. Christmas Biscuit
  16. Chocolate Pudding Truffles
  17. Mulled Spice Mix
  18. H!p Cookies No Cream Chocolate Bar
  19. H!p Salty Pretzel Chocolate Bar
  20. H!p Salted Caramel Chocolate Bar
  21. H!p Gingerbread Chocolate Bar