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Wed 7 – Sat 17 Feb 2024

You can find the very best children's theatre, comedy, music, literature, poetry, dance and, most importantly, full-on fun for families this February half-term.

Imagine Children’s Festival is all about unlocking creativity, celebrating the individuality of every child, championing diversity and sparking imaginations.

Shop our Imagine Children's Festival fun and creative product range below.

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  1. Crazy Paint Pocket
  2. OMY Jumbo Wax Finger Crayons
  3. Paint by Number Box
  4. OMY Gel Crayons
  5. Animambo Ukelele
  6. Recorder Animambo
  7. Animambo Hand Drum
  8. Kalimba Animambo
  9. OMY Washable Felt Tips
  10. Bean Chalk
  11. Magic Erasable Felt Pen
  12. OMY Jumbo Markers
  13. Rainstick Animambo
  14. 0
  15. 0
  16. 0
  17. A silver glitter box with 9 glitter markets inside.
  18. Magic Doh