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8 - 18 FEB 2023

Imagine Children’s Festival turns 21 in 2023, but has no intention of growing up any time soon! 

You can find the very best children's theatre, comedy, music, literature, poetry, dance and, most importantly, full-on fun for families this February half-term.

Imagine Children’s Festival is all about unlocking creativity, celebrating the individuality of every child, championing diversity and sparking imaginations.

Shop our Imagine Children's Festival fun and creative product range below.

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  1. Amuseable Moon
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  3. Poster & Stickers Kawaii
  4. OMY Washable Felt Tips
  5. Pencil Notebook with Stickers
  6. Cat Notebook with Stickers
  7. Magic Erasable Felt Pen
  8. Cupcake Notebook with Stickers
  9. My First Artists - Little People
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  11. Fantastically Great Women Artists and Their Stories book front cover.
  12. The Book of Me: A Children’s Journal of Self-Knowledge book front cover with an image of a child wearing a red backpack overlooking a view of cliffs.
  13. Animambo Ukelele
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  15. 0
  16. Rainstick Animambo
  17. A History of Music for Children
  18. Happy, Healthy Minds: A Children's Guide to Emotional Wellbeing
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  20. Kalimba Animambo
  21. Recorder Animambo
  22. Hand Drum Animambo
  23. Krokodil Cut&Make Greeting Card