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Dear Mum

Mother's Day is coming up on Sunday 19 March, and that means an occasion to celebrate the mother figures in your life.

Whether you're shopping for your mum, your gran, a kind-hearted friend, or anyone who's shown you love and care, we've got something to show your appreciation.

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  1. Rains Backpack Mini
  2. Happy Space Scented Candle
  3. Lemelia Light Mini
  4. Flowers Blooming Abundance
  5. Pretty Patisserie Tarte Aux Fraises
  6. Pretty Patisserie Religieuse
  7. Pretty Patisserie Dome Framboise
  8. Flowers Gardens of Agnes
  9. Pretty Patisserie Gateaux
  10. Woven Ball Oval Earrings
  11. Woven Ball Necklace
  12. Dark Chocolate Truffles
  13. Smart Diffuser Lamp
  14. Hazelnut Chocolate Truffles
  15. I Love You Mum Greeting Card
  16. Amuseable Bluebell