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Tavares Strachan: There Is Light Somewhere

18 Jun –⁠ 1 Sep
Hayward Gallery

The exhibition showcases the remarkably inventive ways in which Strachan has celebrated unsung explorers and cultural trailblazers, inviting audiences to engage with overlooked characters whose stories represent and illuminate histories hidden by bias.
  1. Front cover of Tavares Strachan exhibition catalogue.
  2. Tavares Strachan Exhibition Poster
  3. Tavares Strachan: There is Light Somewhere Patch
  4. Front cover of Tavares Strachan's In Plain Sight.
  5. Tavares Strachan: In Total Darkness
  6. Front Cover of Tavares Strachan's the Awakening, featuring the Encyclopedia of Invisibility.
  7. Astronaut Summerglobe
  8. Amber Crystal Light - Globe
  9. Smart LunaSpin Lamp Mini
  10. Skull Neon Lamp
  11. Amber Crystal Light - Solar System
  12. Moon Neon Lamp
    Sold Out
  13. Amber Crystal Light - Galaxy
  14. Dorn Vase Small
  15. Front cover of African Artists, from 1882 to now.
  16. Front cover of Cult of Progress.