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Palm Pals Hattie Telephone Box

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Introducing the newest addition to Aurora's Palm Pals Momento Collection - the Palm Pals Hattie Telephone Box Soft Toy - Ring, ring. It's Hattie Telephone Box, your plush companion inspired by the iconic red telephone boxes dotting the charming streets of the UK. With a vibrant red hue and a design mirroring the classic British communication hub, this cute little plush is ever ready to dial into your heart and converse through countless playful adventures.

Palm Pals Hattie Telephone Box Soft Toy measures 13 cm and is suitable for all ages. For any occasion, whether it's a birthday or not, this lovable red-coloured telephone box soft toy is the perfect gift that everyone will adore and a great addition to any collection.

As part of their Eco-Friendly initiative, the Palm Pals Hattie Telephone Box Toy comes with inner fibre fill and beans made from recycled plastic materials. The hangtags are recyclable, and cloth labels are made from recycled materials.