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Magda Circle Earrings

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Magda Oval Earrings

This minimalist collection shows off the natural characteristics of the tagua seed and is a collaboration between artisan makers from South America. From her studio in Ecuador, Magdalena skilfully carves and dyes each tagua component. Simple brass forms are hand cut by the women at the Hope Jewellery project in Peru and assembled with the tagua components.

  • With sterling plated earring posts.
  • Dimensions: earring size 3 cm x 4.5 cm
  • Packaging: Packed on a Just Trade tent card in a biodegradable cello bag
  • Care: Tagua may darken slightly over time, this is normal. It can be buffed up with a soft white cotton cloth. Although hardwearing, if dropped on a hard surface tagua could break. Never immerse tagua in water as this can cause it to crack.