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Huskee is a design-led company creating products that enable the transition to a waste-free world. Their first product, HuskeeCup, is a reusable coffee cup that is made using coffee husk, which is a waste product of coffee farming.

Every year millions of tonnes of coffee husk go to waste at coffee farms, and Huskee uses this material to create a beautiful, and sustainable coffee cup. This cup is not only durable, but also recyclable through Huskee's closed-loop system HuskeeLoop, and designed to work within HuskeeSwap, which is a global cup exchange system utilised by cafes all around the world to provide a more convenient reusable experience.

It's chip and crack resistant, and is designed to last years in both cafe and home environments. Engineered to keep your coffee hotter for longer, HuskeeCup is durable and comfortable to hold.

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