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Thomas Struth MACK


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This book brings together photographs taken by Thomas Struth in Israel and the Israeli-occupied West Bank in 2009, 2011 and 2014. Struth continued his practice of creating singular images, each in one of the strictly segregated fields he developed while throughout his career. : street photographs, portraits, landscapes and high-tech photographs. Each image carries the enduring complexity and visual distillation of the human experience for which Struth is known. Approaching the pure diversity and quiddity of the inhabited world, he attempts to represent what he called "a particle of the region's conflict", to photograph, fragment by fragment, the conflicting political and social landscape. Ulrich Loock proposes in his essay in the book that this series of images is unified by "layers of antitheses [which] reveal themselves as a matrix running through the work", while Struth tries to grasp the circumscribed reality of a region where coexistence has failed, a reality inaccessible to photography. In some ways this extraordinary body of work departs from the traditional practice of Struth: all the exhibitions are linked to a single geographic and political reality, as if Struth finds all aspects of his photographic vision in one place, and as if Israel and the West The bank was a geographic container for the extent of the human condition. 

Hardback, 42 pages

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