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Queer Exhibition Histories Valiz

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Queer Exhibition Histories highlights the countless efforts, both large and small, of LGBTQIA+ artists and curators, in Europe with connections all over the globe. The book comprises case studies centring on queer art exhibitions and their modes of documentation and archiving. Often, the legacy of these projects largely depends on personal archives, memories, and paraphernalia, with the overriding notion, or need, for public display. In these contexts, ‘public’ is relative in events that were either short-lived, held under the veil of domestic spaces, or kept exclusive for those ‘in the know’. Therefore, they were not exclusively artistic, but could equally be discursive, activist, educational, or serve as a tool for community building. At the intersection of queerness and contemporary art, this volume considers how the efforts of LGBTQIA+ artists have advanced their public presence in museums and society alike.

Paperback, 256 pages