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Franz West – privat

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This project was an initiative of four collectors from Vienna who personally organized their own Franz West exhibition from their holdings in a former gallery in the center of Vienna. With over 400 works from all of the artist's work groups, this is the artist's most comprehensive solo exhibition ever. The exhibition, which was originally only intended for private use, had to be opened to the public because of the numerous media reports, the great interest of all Franz West fans and the curiosity of passers-by. In contrast to museums, direct access to the works was permitted and desired. All sofas, loungers and armchairs could be used. The fittings were allowed to be used under supervision. Ed.: Heinz Neumann and Gernot Schauer. Text: Thomas Trummer, Andrea Überbacher, Peter Packesch, Robert Fleck, Heimo Zobernig.

Hardback, 255 pages.