Curious Creature


These Curious Creatures are embroidered and sewn by artisan producers from the Simiatug Samai Development Association in Bolívar, Ecuador. Known locally as ‘Tombos’, (Tumblers) they were traditionally created as skittles. They are proving to be very popular as adornments because of the wonderful splash of colour and character they bring to any room.  Made using jute and coloured thread, each one is completely unique, the embroidered scenes inspired by the daily life and surroundings of the artisans and no two faces are the same.

The artisan producers of the Simiatug Samai Development Association are paid a fair wage for their work and are thrilled that their Curious Creatures are travelling to faraway places.

This is not designed to be a toy but is a beautiful ornamental curious creature!

Dimensions: approx H22cm x W6cm.

Every purchase supports our arts programme