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  1. Daphne Pack of 3 Beaded Bracelets
  2. Astra Squiggle Earrings
  3. Salome Two Tone Earrings
  4. Claire Beaded Ring Assorted
  5. Lemons Greetings Card
  6. Strawberries Greetings Card
  7. Chilly's Series 2 Coffee Cup Yellow
  8. Chilly's Series 2 Bottle Yellow
  9. Acid House Love Blueprint - Summer of Love Edition
  10. Happy New Home Mini Card
  11. Izipizi #C Kids Sunglasses
  12. Beach Clean Pebble Coasters Set
  13. Beach Clean Pebble Placemat Set
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  14. Pleated Y Multitudes Bag
  15. Satin Pleated Multitudes Bag