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Celebrate Pride weekend with us, shop our colourful and fun-filled product range to mark and promote our support for the LGBTQ + community.

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  1. Proud of Me book front cover with an image of a tree with colourful leaves and two people sitting at the bottom leaning on the tree trunk.
  2. Proud book front cover with an image of a fist and rainbow strikes in the background.
  3. The Love That Dares: Letters of LGBTQ+ Love & Friendship
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  4. Rainbow Rainbow
  5. Flowing Rhythm Mobile
  6. Queer London: A Guide to the City's LGBTQ+
  7. 100 Queer Poems
  8. Hand Candle OK
  9. A rectangular tea towel with David Shirgley's "Be Nice" artwork of a rainbow.
  10. Hand Candle Peace
  11. Kanken Rainbow Bag
  12. The Transgender Issue Paperback
  13. We Can Do Better Than This Paperback
  14. Queer City book front cover
  15. Necklace Nonbinary
  16. Rainbow Be Kind to Each Other Badge
  17. Necklace Kiss my Genders
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