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Celebrate Pride weekend with us, shop our colourful and fun-filled product range to mark and promote our support for the LGBTQ + community.

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  1. Proud of Me book front cover with an image of a tree with colourful leaves and two people sitting at the bottom leaning on the tree trunk.
  2. Proud book front cover with an image of a fist and rainbow strikes in the background.
  3. Flowing Rhythm Mobile
  4. Queer London: A Guide to the City's LGBTQ+ pink front cover, showing a rainbow flag wrapped around a London building in the left bottom corner of the cover.
  5. Hand Candle OK
  6. A rectangular tea towel with David Shirgley's "Be Nice" artwork of a rainbow.
  7. Kanken Rainbow Bag
  8. Queer City book front cover
  9. Necklace Nonbinary
  10. Necklace Kiss my Genders
  11. Kiss My Genders exhibition catalogue front cover
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  13. 0
  14. Mini multi-coloured bamboo hoop shaped earrings
  15. Salome Two Tone Earrings
  16. Astra Squiggle Earrings