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Until the Last Oak Falls, Adrian Fisk

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‘Until the last Oak falls’ is a collection of photographs, documenting the early days of the British direct action environmental movement from 1995 - 1999. 

In the early 1990s, British activists were inspired by the philosophy of the American organisation Earth First and began mass direct action. The first anti-road protests was at Twyford Down in 1992, then the M11 in East London in 1994, Stanworth Valley in 1995 and ‘the mother of all road protests’ at the Newbury Bypass 1996 (to name but a few). These new tactics of taking to the trees in an attempt to stop them being felled to build roads had never been witnessed before. Simultaneously, from 1995-1999, Reclaim the Streets took direct action to highlight the negative impact of cars on urban spaces as well as their CO2 emissions by shutting down major roads in London and other cities with huge protests that turned into mass parties of resistance.

The protestors of the 90's were labelled by the government and media as tree huggers, extremists, crusties, nut cases and scroungers. Until the Last Oak Falls is a celebration and acknowledgement of those that did all they could 25 years ago.

Hardback, 224 pages