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LSA International

LSA is a London-based design studio specialising in contemporary handmade glass. Their ambition is to use skilled craft to create thoughtful, considered designs with intrinsic value. 

LSA are conscious of their responsibility to reduce environmental impact. Their intention is to create useful, relevant products which endure in quality and style.

The Folk range features vibrant stripes borrowed from traditional Polish designs, handmade with colourful glass fused together in a unique mould. Each vessel is one-of-a-kind, showcasing organic shapes and folk-inspired patterns.

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  1. Folk Vase Short - Blue & Orange
  2. A bulb shaped vase featuring a green, yellow and black stripe design.
  3. Folk Vase Tall - Blue
  4. Folk Vase Tall - Orange
  5. Folk Bowl
  6. Folk Carafe