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Prima Pencil



A never ending pencil that's also an elegant desk ornament.

Using a clever and patented metal alloy tip (Ethergraf®) to produce a precise, graphite-like line, the Forever writes like a hard pencil, and its markings - which are lighter than a normal pencil - can even be erased like a pencil. Just like a pencil, it works by leaving a bit of the 'lead' on the paper, but the metal alloy wears down so slowly it should last for a lifetime of use.

The sleek, all-aluminium body tapers along its length. The flat end of barrel means the Forever can stand upright on a desk, taking up very little space, always ready for you to grab and write.

Measures 170mm long, barrel diameter tapers from 10mm to 4mm near the tip, weighs 55g.

Supplied in a presentation box, will make an ideal gift.

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