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Just Trade Jewellery Collection Display

Just Trade

Just Trade work in collaboration with makers in Peru, Ecuador, India, Indonesia and Vietnam with a business that prioritises producers, communities and the environment. Each piece of jewellery made for us has its own maker, and a beautiful story behind it.


This elegant collection is handmade by Ruthi, Paty, Naty and Lizet from the Hope Jewellery fair trade project in Lima, Peru. The collection focuses on simple forms made from textured brass strips combined with brass findings. 

Naty is the mother of Cristina and Paty and the workshop manager at Hope Jewellery. Naty is at her happiest when she is making jewellery, with her cat, Mermelada, by her side. She loves making the Ruthi range and is particularly good at adding the texture on the jewellery.


Magda Round White Earrings

These little earrings are made by Magdalena and Cristina. From her studio in Ecuador, Magdalena skillfully carves and dyes each Tagua seed to show off the natural characteristics of the material. Cristina from the Hope Jewellery project in Peru then adorns each with simple brass forms. 

A collaboration of skills by artisan makers from South America, this minimalist collection is a celebration of age-old techniques, two women and their love for the craft.

Curious Creature

The Curious Creatures Cushion is embroidered and sewn by artisan producers from the Simiatug Samai Development Association in Bolívar, Ecuador.

'Working alongside so many incredible women here in Ecuador is such a blessing and to think that the things that we make with such love are travelling to the other side of the world is amazing.' Amada.