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When Forms Come Alive

7 Feb 2024 –⁠ 6 May 2024

Hayward Gallery

Our Hayward Gallery exhibition When Forms Come Alive, is an intriguing world of sculptures that appear to be melting, rippling, blossoming and breathing. Inspired by these playful artworks, our curated shop collection invites you to take a little bit of inspiration home with you.

  1. When Forms Come Alive Exhibition Catalogue
  2. Antony Gormley on Sculpture
  3. Cover for Phyllida Barlow, mainly a pale with a textural white splodge.
  4. Cover with black and white photo of Ruth Asawa with wire and a partially made sculpture.
  5. An abstract-shaped 3D printed long vase.
  6. An abstract-shaped 3D printed short vase.