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The Organic Company

Great functionality, cool design and organic cotton are the foundation of The Organic Company.

Honesty, transparency and an ambitious wish to make a difference is a rock solid foundation for the company, founded by entrepreneur Joy Vasiljev in 2007.
Since then, the company has developed a large collection of organic textiles for the home, which includes textiles for the bath, kitchen, travel and meditation.

All products are made of organic cotton and certified with the international organic standard GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard). This standard focuses on 2 major areas; environment and social responsibility, and guarantees that all fabrics are free from toxins and heavy metals, and international workers rights are respected.


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  1. Organic White Calm Makeup Pads
  2. Waffle Organic Wash Cloth
  3. Net Medium Bag
  4. Waffle Organic Makeup Pads
  5. Organic Cotton Medium Food Bag
  6. Organic Cotton Lunch Bag
  7. Urban Kitchen Cloth Set
  8. Little Towel
  9. Ocean Kitchen Gift Set II
  10. Single Urban Kitchen Cloth