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Close the loop by shopping our collection of stylish products made from materials that would have otherwise gone to waste. Including Eco Woven Plant Pots by Designed in Colour, Huskee cups and Beach Clean sets by LIGA.

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  1. Eco Woven Plant Pot Cover Small
  2. Eco Woven Market Shopper Bag
  3. Eco Woven Plant Pot Cover Large
  4. Coffee Notes A5 Spiral Notebook
  5. Sucseed Coffee Pens
  6. Handmade Paper Notebook
  7. Biblio Large Notebook
  8. Canopy Trio Vase
  9. Canopy Vase 18cm
  10. Canopy Vase 9.5cm
  11. Mia Carafe and Tumbler
  12. Beach Clean Eco Tea Light Holder
  13. Beach Clean Eco Notebook