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Mike Nelson: Extinction Beckons

22 Feb –⁠ 7 May 2023

The first major survey of work by internationally acclaimed British artist Mike Nelson features his psychologically charged and atmospheric installations.

Nelson’s installations take the viewer on enthralling journeys into fictive worlds that eerily echo our own. Constructed with materials scavenged from salvage yards, junk shops, auctions and flea markets, the immersive installations have a startling life-like quality.

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  1. Mike Nelson: Extinction Beckons **SIGNED COPY**
  2. Mike Nelson Exhibition Tote Bag
  3. Mike Nelson Limited Edition Print
  4. Mike Nelson: Extinction Beckons
  5. Mike Nelson: Extinction Beckons Exhibition T-Shirt
  6. Trunk Shape Toolbox
  7. Penco Storage Caddy
  8. Hightide Penco Small Storage Caddy
  9. Medium Hightide Hourglass
  10. Cantilever Toolbox
  11. Small Hightide Hourglass
  12. Camber-Top Toolbox
  13. CAPP Street Project Roni Horn, Ann Veronica Janssens, Mike Kelley, Mike Nelson
  14. Derek Jarman: Through the Billboard Promised Land
  15. Abandoned Places
  16. No Man's Land
  17. Station Eleven