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  1. Boy Parts - Eliza Clark
  2. The Premonition: Banana Yoshimoto Paperback
  3. Before the Coffee Gets Cold
  4. First Person Singular Paperback - Murakami
  5. Confessions of a Mask: Yukio Mishima
  6. In Praise of Shadows - Tanizaki
  7. Literary London
  8. The Road Cormac McCarthy
  9. Jorge Luis Borges: Labyrinths
  10. Jorge Luis Borges: Fictions
  11. Brian Aldiss Hothouse
  12. Cities of the Red Night - William S Burroughs
  13. What Writers Read: 35 Writers on their Favourite Book
  14. Haruki Murakami: Novelist as a Vocation
  15. Surge by Jay Bernard
  16. Second place by Rachel Cusk book front cover
  17. I Wanna Be Yours Paperback
  18. Mantel Learning to Talk: Short stories
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  21. What It Means to Write About Art Book Front Cover
  22. Read This If You Want To Be A Great Writer Book Front Cover
  23. Zadie Smith - Feel Free