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For the Young Creator

Make your own flashlight, doorbell, animal mask or become a specialist in junk modelling. Explore collections by OMY, ReCycleMe and Remember.

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  1. Zig & Go Wroom
  2. Build Your Own Doorbell
  3. Zig & Go Roll
  4. Make Your Own Kaleidscope
  5. Legami Erasable Pen
  6. Stack A Bug Game
  7. Crayon Rocks
  8. Make Your Own Solar System
  9. A World to Create Letter Kit
  10. Woodman Game
  11. ReCycleMe Ocean Kit
  12. Torrino Stacking Game
  13. ReCycleMe Science Kit
  14. Stack & Mix Wooden Building Blocks
  15. ReCycleMe Technology Kit
  16. Make Colour & Play - 3D Safari
  17. ReCycleMe Games Kit
  18. Make Colour & Play - Animal Masks
  19. ReCycleMe Jewellery Studio Kit
  20. Make Your Own Chocolate London
  21. ReCycleMe Mini Kit
  22. On the Go Matching Memory Game