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Father's Day

Sunday 16 June is the day to show the father figures in your life that, no matter how bad their jokes might be, you're a big fan.

We've rounded up our top father's day gifts so you can make sure they know they count.

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  1. Dad, Despite What Mum Says Greeting Card
  2. Happy Father's Day From The Cat Father's Day Card
  3. Your Gift Is In The Litter Tray Father's Day Card
  4. Amber Crystal Light - Solar System
  5. Amber Crystal Light - Globe
  6. Amber Crystal Light - Galaxy
  7. Work from Shed: Inspirational Garden Offices from Around the World
  8. Desert Island Discs Paperback
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  9. Dad ACE of Hearts Father's Day Card
  10. Galapagos Volta Mobile
  11. Paris Volta Mobile
  12. Vinyl Green Socks
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  13. Best Dad in the Universe Mini Card
  14. Smart Origami Walnut Lamp
  15. Disco Love Blueprint
  16. Father's Day Fry Up Card
  17. Rains Rolltop Backpack