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Tam Joseph - I Know What I See

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Bringing together paintings and sculptures from over 40 years of work, Tam Joseph: I Know What I See is the first major publication to provide an extensive survey of the work of Dominica-born British artist Tam Joseph (b. 1947). Joseph’s wide-ranging career defies being pinned down to any one style or approach. But while his art takes him in many different directions, it is grounded in a sensibility which revels in the connections between things, as well as the creative possibilities of human perception. Some paintings reflect on his own history and the history of injustices faced by African Caribbean people in Britain. Other works draw inspiration from diverse sources including cinema, music, and sport, as well as the natural world, and the history of painting itself. Whether his subject is landscape, portrait or history, Joseph employs his deep knowledge of paintings of the past to create work which invites viewers to consider these genres afresh. Eddie Chambers’ insightful essay explores how Joseph’s independent spirit and boundless imagination offer a thrilling survey of a lifetime’s creative expression.

Paperback, 232 pages