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Spiral Craft Kit

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A drawing set to make superb colored spirals and thus complete the boards offered in this block of 30 pages whose illustrations cover 10 different themes. A classic activity revisited by Djeco thanks to clever tools that allow you to make the spirals without moving! The child places his sheet on the metal plate, then applies the magnetic frame in which he inserts the toothed wheel. Equipped with his pen, he describes circles to easily draw his rosette without having to keep the frame in place.

  •  1 large poster presents the associated material combination for each spiral.
  •  10 themes presented to learn to draw with spirals. 
  •  1 block of 30 pages.
  •  5 gel pens in bright colors.
  •  1 storage box with elastic closure to store your equipment once the activity is over.
  •  1 explanatory booklet detailing the activity step by step.